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September Opening Summary for Parents

September opening (For summary document PDF, please click here)

  • School will be open for children from Thursday 3rd
  • Entry to school will be through the main gate only.
  • There is a one-way system: walk up to school on the path closest to the school field and leave the school site by walking back down the drive towards the main gate on the opposite side to the path.
  • Please use 2m spots marked on the floor when dropping off or collecting your child.
  • Each class has a time slot to arrive and leave school, we ask that you do not hang around once your child has been dropped off or collected.

Nursery & Reception

  • Children in Nursery and Reception will not be starting full time on Thursday 3rd Please see the appendixes in the PDF document for details of your child’s phased start/return to school.
  • Children are to wear uniform during these sessions.
  • Parents are required to stay during the Stay and Play sessions for both Reception and Nursery.
  • If you require further information or to clarify your child’s group, please contact Mrs Yardley at


Start of Day:

Year 1 – Year 6

In the morning, Mr Probert will be on the red gate – children will leave their parents/carers here and walk around to their classrooms to be greeted by their Teacher or TA.

Start times are as follows:

  • 8:45am Y1 & Y2 (Owls & Hedgehogs)
  • 9:00am Y3 & Y4 (Dragonflies & Foxes)
  • 9:15am Y5 & Y6 (Badgers & Swans)

If you have more than one child attending, please bring the older sibling at the same time as the younger child is expected in school.


End of day

Year 1 – Year 6

Mr Probert and your child’s class teacher will be at the red gate to dismiss the children one at a time at the end of the day. Older siblings will go home at the same time as the younger sibling.

  • 2:40pm Y1 (Owls)
  • 2:50pm Y2 (Hedgehogs)
  • 3:10pm Y3 (Dragonflies)
  • 3:20pm Y4 (Foxes)
  • 3:30pm Y5 (Badgers)
  • 3:40pm Y6 (Swans)


  • Although Mr Probert and class teachers will be on the gate at the end of the day, they will not be available to discuss issues as they would have done in the past. That said communication between class teachers and parents is important and we ask that you contact teachers via the school office:


  • Class emails will only be used during a bubble lockdown.



  • Each class will be a bubble and children will only come into contact with the children in their bubble.
  • Children will clean their hands at regular intervals throughout the day – including on entry to school and before leaving school at the end of the day.
  • Children will go to the toilet one at a time.
  • Classrooms will be cleaned by the cleaning team periodically throughout the day.
  • School will be thoroughly cleaned before the start of each day.
  • Cloakrooms will be used for children to hang their bags and coats.


Break & Lunch

  • Snack for break time must be provided from home. This includes Reception and KS1.
  • Lunchtime will be staggered and eaten in the classrooms. Each class will have a 15-minute break outside. Children will be supervised by a lunchtime supervisor during this time.
  • Grab bags prepared by Heidi will include warm food, for example: pizza slices, hot dogs, warm wraps, jacket potatoes.
  • Grab bags will be available for:
    • All of Reception and KS1
    • Children who qualify as Free School Meal pupils
  • If your child is in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6 and does not qualify for Free School Meals, warm grab bags can be purchased on ParentPay as you would normally.
  • Your child may bring their own lunch in their own lunch box from home.


Uniform & Resources

  • Children will need to wear school uniform.
  • Children will need bookbags. Information about reading books will come home with your child on Thursday 3rd
  • Stationery and resources will be shared within the class. However, children may bring in their own pencil case and stationery if they wish; this will be for their own use and will not be shared.
  • Children may bring in their bottle of own hand sanitiser. This will be for their own use only.
  • Children will need to bring their PE kit in on their allocated day - information for this will come home with your child on Thursday 3rd Children will not need PE kits on Thursday 3rd September or Friday 4th September.
  • PE will be outdoors (weather permitting!). Children will need an outdoor kit – tshirt; joggers or leggings; jumper or jacket; pumps or trainers.
  • All School uniform, PE Kit, Lunch boxes and water bottles need to be clearly labelled with your child’s name and year group.


Please see the school website for the full details on the school preparations for being COVID secure:


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