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Merry Christmas to all our Families!

Dear Parents/Carers,


I think it is safe to say that 2020 has been a pretty rubbish year!


However, what has become clearly apparent as we have all gone through this pandemic, is how proud I am to be the Headteacher of this school. It has been brilliant to see how we have come together as a community.


I cannot thank you enough for your support in the measures that we have had to put in place, as well as how understanding you have been when we have asked even more from you as parents in our effort to keep the children safe in school. Thank you again!


Not only do I wish to thank you as parents, but this term would not have been as successful as it has been if it was not for the excellent staff we are lucky to have at Lakeside. Like you, they have adapted to the challenge of COVID-19 and shown great flexibility. They have also shown their immense generosity.


At the end of October, I spoke to staff about the possibility of making Christmas that extra bit special this year including creating Christmas hampers that we could raffle  for a couple of our families. I think we all needed a little bit of festive cheer that bit more this year. The response to this from the staff has been out of this world. With their generosity and their lobbying of local charities and business, we managed to bring together a selection of different gifts that created lots of hampers of food and presents that we raffled at the end of the year. This, along with the added extras of recording Christmas videos for parents to access, parties, Christmas crafts and innovative ways to display an elf, they really have made this end of the year a time to remember!  This clearly is a special place filled with special talented people.


Finally, I would like to thank the children for their continued resilience and enthusiasm this term. They have bounded into school and have made everything that we do here worthwhile.


I wish you all a happy, safe and special Christmas this year and look forward to welcoming you back for a new term and new year in 2021.



Yours sincerely 

Mr N. Probert (Headteacher)

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Neil Probert


Pupils feel happy and safe at school. Behaviour is good and pupils are polite and friendly.

Ofsted Report, June 2015

Lakeside Primary School

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