It is essential that your child attends school every day.

If your child is ill, please telephone the school office (01827 475075) and let us know before 9:00am on each day of absence. If we do not receive a message, we will text / call you to make sure your child is safe at home.

The Local Authority's Educational Welfare Officer regularly visits school to check on attendance and will follow up all concerns and any absences that are unaccounted for. Failure to send your child to school may result in legal proceedings.

If possible, medical and dental appointments should be made out of school hours, but we appreciate that this is not always possible.

Attendance marks are given for being in school. Medical appointments, illness and holidays / leave of absences are recorded as absences.  

For our Attendance Policy, please click here.



In 2014, the Government’s Department for Education (DfE) introduced changes to the law regarding parents taking children out of school during term time.

Further to these changes, our Local Authority - Staffordshire County Council - has recently amended its Code of Conduct relating to the use of Penalty Notices it issues for non-attendance at school. The changes have been implemented to ensure the promotion of the highest standards for attendance and came into effect for all Staffordshire schools from 23 February 2015. The main amendments are as follows:-

Penalty Notice for leave of absence:-

  • There is no longer a requirement for attendance to be below 87% before a Penalty Notice can be issued.
  • Parents can now be issued with more than one Penalty Notice per academic year.
  • 10 sessions of unauthorised absence do not have to be consecutive and only 2 sessions have to be for unauthorised leave of absence.
  • The period for calculating the 10 sessions will be based on the previous 3 school terms.

Penalty notice for persistence absence:-

  • Parents will now only receive one warning notice period for improvement per academic year. If attendance deteriorates again, no further formal warning will be given and the Local Authority can automatically consider other statutory actions.

Please remember that if you intend to take your child/children out of school, a leave of absence form must be completed and requests from 23 February 2015 will be considered in line with the changes made to the new Local Authority code.

The Local Authority will continue to monitor all unauthorised absences from school and will challenge parents who fail to meet their legal obligations.

Thank you for your support in this matter by avoiding taking your child(ren) out of school during term time.