Full time places in Reception classes are available in September of the academic year within which the child becomes five years old.

Although parents have the right to express a preference for Lakeside Primary School, there is no guarantee of a place being offered.

Lakeside Primary School will try and meet parents' wishes where possible, however in some cases there may be more applications than there are places available (30 places in Reception).

Online applications are now the preferred method of making an application. Parents who apply online are able to receive email notification of their school place on the national offer day, rather than through the post.     

The opening date for making an application in Staffordshire is 3 November 2014 and the closing date for applications is 15 January 2015.  School place offers are made on 16 April 2015.   

Details of Staffordshire County Council's schools' admission details can be found at

Non-Staffordshire parents should apply through their home Local Authority.