Parents' Comments

Thank you to all parents/carers who filled in a feedback form after our Lakeside Learner's award assembly.  Here is a sample of what they had to say:-

"Lovely assembly, well behaved children." /// "Wonderful assembly that no doubt will give the children a great sense of pride and a very nurturing assembly and school." /// "Really enjoyed coming to assembly to see my two children get a certificate for settling in well. Thank you for taking them into your school they love it." /// "Really enjoyed the assembly and being a part of it." /// "Lovely assembly showcasing the children's work and attitude. I'm really glad we decided to get our daughter into this school."  


"Fantastic Lakeside Learners again - well done to all the children!"

"Very impressed with everything."

"It is lovely to see how well the children are doing and how they are recognised for their hard work."

"My child has come on leaps and bounds at Lakeside - thanks for everyone's input - we are well proud."

"Came to see my child as a Lakeside Learner today and I enjoyed it very much."


"Lovely assembly - all the children were well behaved and looked smart." /// "Enjoyed Lakeside Learners assembly today - very impressed with how well my child is doing." ///

"Good to hear the positive coming out of the school. Thank you for the invite." /// "Really proud."


"Fantastic assembly.  The children are really proud learners." /// "Very nice assembly.  The teachers are doing a great job - and all the staff at the school - well done." /

"Wonderful morning - well done to the pupils and teachers.  Such a fab school - well done to all." /// "I always enjoy coming to school to see my child get an award."


"Beautifully behaved children and a lovely assembly.  A pleasure to attend." /// "Lovely behaviour from the children and great encouragement from the staff." /// "Amazing again!" /// "Very proud."


"Always brilliant - Lakeside Learners assembly - great kids, great staff and great school." /// "Fantastic Lakeside Learners - outstanding efforts from all the children - well done." /// "Assembly great - makes me very proud." /// "Lovely to see all achievements that are being made."


"Lakeside Learner is a really positive thing.  The children and the parents can be proud." /// "Lovely to see such great work from the children." /// "Always enjoy Lakeside Learners - so happy and friendly." /// "Lovely to see how well all the children are doing."


"It's absolutely fantastic how the school encourages the children.  Brilliant! Love the school." /// "So happy to be invited - the children love reward, it really helps them and makes them feel special." /// "Excellent Lakeside Learner assembly as usual - all the children are so proud." /// "I was very impressed today at the school assembly with the recognition paid to pupils, the happy atmosphere and attitude of teachers and children." /// "Really enjoyed the assembly - so many positive thoughts - excellent - thank you."


"Really lovely assembly.  Beautifully behaved children - well done!" /// "Fab! Thank you so much - it was a pleasure taking part in the assembly - we are so proud of our child."

"Lovely assembly." /// "Nice session - thank you."


"Wow - a lovely assembly!  Children so polite and well behaved.  So proud my grandchild has joined your school - it is outstanding!" ///  "Great achievements from the children - supportive learning - thanks." /// "Lovely morning - all the children and staff work so hard.  This is a lovely school, all should be so proud.  I also enjoyed the Young Voices - well done all." /// "I thought the assembly was lovely and Mrs Norbury made each child feel special."///  "Nice to come into school to see my child get an award for their work." /// "I love to come to Lakeside Learner assemblies - fantastic achievements - well done Lakeside!"


"Wonderful assembly - all the children are so well behaved." /// "Thank you for inviting the parents to share in the children's special assembly - my children seemed almost as proud as me when they stood up at the front to receive their certificates.  Wonderful assembly." /// "It is great to see that so many children are still doing amazing work so close to Christmas! It's an exciting time but they are still focused on their work which is lovely to see."


"It is lovely to see the children encouraged to try hard with their learning and rewarded for doing their best." /// "Really proud moment - my child loves school and I really appreciate the support from the teachers - big thank you!" /// "Was lovely to see all the children so proud, also good for the children getting awards." /// "Very pleased to attend the presentation - very proud parent!!" /// "Great assembly - all children well behaved."/// "Fantastic assembly - well behaved children."


"Lakeside Learners assembly was lovely - it gives my children an opportunity to be proud of what they have achieved." /// "Great assembly celebrating children's achievements both in and out of school." /// "Lovely school full of positive engery." /// "Fantastic assembly."


"I love Lakeside Learners assembly - I love to see the children betting noticed for their hard work." /// "Great to see my child being rewarded for their hard work at home.  Great to see so many aspects of children's achievements acknowledged." /// "Really enjoyable morning - so proud of all the children's hard work, the teachers and the school. /// "It's great to see so many of Lakeside getting awards and that it is about being rewarded for trying too." /// "Thank you for the invite - great to be part of the school."


"Lovely assembly - it is lovely to be invited in to share your child's achievements.  Great to see some great learning." /// "Lakeside never fails to give good standards.  Well done." /// "Lakeside Learners Assembly - always a treat - fantastic behaviour as usual." /// "Fab as always."


"Brilliant assembly - 100% happy with all the school's hard work and the children's, to achieve the outstanding results. Well done everyone." /// "Fantastic reward for excellent attitudes and achievements.  Encourages the children to think positive and promotes good work." /// "Lovely assembly - so proud as a parent.  Lovely school."


"Lakeside Learner assembly is brilliant.  The children are so proud to receive their certificates - all the children sit so well and are so well behaved." /// "Brilliant assembly - really lovely manners by all the children.  Really pleased with my child's progress." /// "Fantastic morning again - the children always make Lakeside proud."  /// "Really nice to see the children being rewarded for their hard work." /// "Had a great time."


"Always a joy to be part of this celebration.  I've been privileged to be part of this happy environment for 10 years." /// "So proud of my child - they've come on so much and it is so nice to see some recognition." /// "Nice to see the children's work being rewarded." /// "Another lovely assembly." /// "Always wonderful."


"Lovely assembly.  Makes me feel so proud." /// "Lakeside Learners' assembly is excellent at teaching a postive attitude to learning." /// "Always such a pleasure to be invited nto the school.  Children look wonderful!  Such great potential." /// "Always a brilliant learners' assembly."


"Lovely assembly - gives my child praise for good work, which is brilliant." /// "Lakeside Learner assembly - really good to see how well doing in school. I am so proud." ///

"Another lovely assembly."  


"Such a fantastic school.  The children are so well behaved - very inspirational." /// "Lovely to see my child commended.  It sends out a great message to all children that if you work hard and achieve good things, then you are rewarded and celebrated." /// "Great visit to school for Lakeside Learners - very encouraging for the children and well put together." /// "Really, really proud so glad to see it - thank you - great school." /// "So proud seeing my child picking their award up - it was brilliant - it was really great to see the children being encouraged."


"Really enjoyed Learners' assembly - I think it is great - keep up the good work children and staff." /// "Brilliant morning as always.  Wonderful teachers - really pleased."

/// "Lovely to see what the children are achieving."


"I enjoyed the assembly enormously and the School should be proud of what they achieve at all levels." /// "Absolutely fantastic award process - teachers so proud of the children." /// "Fab morning - well done.  Beautiful singing - really pleased." /// "Fantastic assembly - well done." /// "Really enjoyed seeing everyone's achievements."


"Lovely to see the children well behaved, sitting nicely, commended for good behaviour and their learning.  Lovely song the children sang at the end. Great." /// "Lovely assembly today - very proud of all the children.  Great singing." /// "It was lovely to see my children get their awards - very proud.  It is nice to see the children get something for their achievement." /// "Enjoyed seeing the children doing so well and to see the encouragement." /// "Great work and ongoing - keep up the good work."


"Lakeside Learners' assembly makes me so proud - I love how the time is taken to focus on the positive."

/// "I always feel the same - very proud - I love that my child enjoys coming to school." /// "It's lovely to see the children so well behaved and being rewarded for excellent learning."  /// "Fantastic to see Lakeside Learners.  Teachers - thanks for all the hard work you put in." /// "Lovely to see how well all the children are doing."


"Fantastic Lakeside Learners again - well done all children and teachers." /// "Fantastic assembly."

"Lovely assembly.  What a great way to celebrate all the hard learning that goes on in Lakeside Primary School." /// "Great to see the children recognised for effort and attainment." /// "What a lovely assembly - all the children are very well behaved.  It's nice to see them all doing so well."


"Lakeside Learners are fantastic! The children are so proud, as are the parents." /// "Fantastic Lakeside Learners again! Well done all children of Lakeside - fantastic school to be at!" /// "Lovely - the children all sat very smartly and showed great pride in their school and achievements - well done!" /// "Brilliant - so proud of my child and all the children behaved so well."