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Remote Learning

'Learning Together Success Forever'

Home learning is set in the form of Reading, number work (multiplication tables), spellings as well as additional project work set throughout the year. This is set by the class teacher on a weekly basis.


Reading plays an important part in every child’s learning. We ask you as a parent to support us by encouraging your child to read.  

Phonics is taught in EYFS and KS1 and is the early building blocks for children to become fluent and confident readers. Throughout the Autumn term, we hold parental workshops for parents to attend and learn how best to support their children with reading at home.

We also have a graded home reading scheme whereby a book is sent home on a regular basis to share with parents. In addition, the school has an extensive supply of reading books and benefits from a KS1 and KS2 library in which all children visit at least once a week.

In addition, children enjoy listening to a class book. The whole school shares in a 'Reading time' at 12:00 where each class teacher reads to their class. We feel this is an important time for children of all ages to share a story and benefit from listening to an adult read. This is also an opportunity for teachers to share a wide variety of books from different genres and cultures and help the children to engage in different styles of writings and themes. 

At Lakeside, we believe that Reading is not only the key to opening a world of possibility and opportunity for our children but also a way to inspire imagination and creativity. Parental support is crucial to ensuring that children develop a real love of reading.

If you would like advice or support on helping your child with their reading or homework, please see your child’s class teacher.