Lakeside's aim is to provide the educational, cultural and emotional foundations necessary for our pupils to be lifelong learners and to succeed as individuals in whatever path they choose. We will do this by providing excellent and engaging teaching that is underpinned by continuous development of our staff, a safe and high quality learning environment and access to a range of appropriate support for our pupils and their families.

Aims- The way we deliver our core purpose

  1. To encourage active partnership between home, school and the community and their participation in all aspects of school life.

  2. To raise standards and achievement through high expectations and good or better teaching and learning.

  3. To offer equal opportunities to all children and staff regardless of gender, religion, race or any other special needs.

  4. To provide, through a wide range of broadly based experiences appropriate to individual needs, a stimulating creative curriculum.

  5. To provide a secure and stimulating environment to enable each child to develop intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.

  6. To provide a curriculum that reflects and celebrates the cultural diversity of our society.

  7. To provide opportunities for the professional development of staff within a supportive framework.