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Governors' Responsibilities

Current Governors

  • Neil Rose - Chair of Governors
  • David Ellis - Vice Chair of Governors (Parent)           
  • Whitney Davies - Staff Governor
  • Hayley Meads - Staff Governor
  • Rev Gary Simmons - Co-Opted Governor
  • Craig Wilkes - Co-Opted Governor
  • Lesley Powell - Co-Opted Governor
  • Neil Probert - Co-Opted Governor
  • Steven Waite - Co-Opted Governor 
  • Kirstie Fox - Parent Governor

Clerk to the Governors

  • Diane Morton

Governor Contact Details


  • Sue Boden
  • Debra Golder


  • Richard Lane
  • Lisa Colclough
  • Garry Hirons
  • Alison Dolphin
  • Alison Taylor

Governors have a vital role to play in ensuring our school provides the best possible education for our children.

They are responsible for:

  • Acting as a critical friend
  • Bringing a wealth of experience to the strategic running of the school
  • Ensuring accountability


Parent Governors

are elected by the parents/guardians of the children who attend Lakeside Primary. When a governor position becomes vacant nominations will be asked from all registered parents and guardians and an election will take place. Their term of office is four years.

LA Governors...

are appointed by the Local Authority. More information can be found at Their term of office is four years.

Co-Opted Governors...

are appointed by the Governing Body and their term of office is four years.

Staff Governors...

are elected by the staff for four years from the date of appointment.

Frequency of Meetings

The Governing Body meet as and when necessary but a minimum of once per term. Each Governor is also a member of individual committees e.g. Finance, Curriculum, etc. These committees also meet as and when necessary but a minimum of once a term.

Details about our Governors can be found here.

Details of our Governor meeting attendance records can be found here. 

If you are interested in becoming a Governor at Lakeside Primary please contact either the Headteacher or Chair of Governors via the school office email address for more information.

Chair of Governors Contact Details:

Mr Neil Rose

Lakeside Primary School,

Leyland Road,




B77 2SA

Throughout Lakeside Primary School, there is a strong sense of 'we are a team, we work together, we can do it'.

Ofsted Report, June 2022

Lakeside Primary School

Leyland Road
B77 2SA

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