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Hi, my name is Mr Probert and I am the Headteacher of Lakeside Primary School

Lakeside is a one form entry school situated in Tamworth. We teach children from nursery to Year 6 and traditionally, our Reception classes are oversubscribed.

One of the things I am most proud of is that family feeling that people who visit us at Lakeside comment on. It is something we work hard on and establishing those connections with our children and their families, is what enhances the learning that takes place. This, along with a broad and balanced curriculum, as well as opportunities to enhance real life learning through enrichment activities, visitors coming to school and trips, means the children of Lakeside have the opportunity to foster a deep love of learning.

The education of the children of Lakeside, widening their horizons and inspiring them to achieve all that they can, is key to what we want for all who come to our school. This is really important! But so is developing kind, caring, thoughtful, respectful and responsible young people, who will carry these values for the rest of their lives. The development and formation of their character runs alongside the education of the children, and is fundamental to what we offer here at Lakeside.

This vision is shared by all connected with this wonderful school from staff, to governors, parents and children alike. I am honoured to be headteacher of such an amazing staff who work tirelessly to promote these values and constantly go that extra mile to give the children an experience that will provide long lasting memories, as well as teaching and learning that is meaningful.

Children at Lakeside are happy, enthusiastic and feel safe to develop in an environment that promotes resilience and growth mind set. We encourage children to step outside their comfort zones, take risks and persevere. One comment we hear around school is when children say ‘I can’t do it’ we always follow it up with ‘I can’t do it… yet!’ This helps them understand that through hard work, anything can be achieved.

I love being part of this amazing school. It has many strengths but undoubtedly, the biggest one is the children I get to see everyday and I feel privileged to serve the community it sits within.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Neil Probert


Lakeside is a Community Primary School & Nursery  and accepts children within the 3-11 age range.  The school has 8 mixed ability classes and currently has 190 pupils.

The school is administered by Staffordshire County Council.

Headteacher: Mr Neil Probert

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Vicki Gardner 

Governing Body

Chair: Mr N Rose

Vice Chair: Mr D Ellis

Clerk: Mrs V Kavanagh

The Governing Body is made up of representatives from parents, the local community, teaching staff, non teaching staff and the local authority.  A full list of Governors is available from school.

The Chair of Governors or any Governor may be contacted via school.

Teaching Staff

Headteacher: Mr Neil Probert

Deputy Head: Mrs Vicki Gardner

Senior Teachers:

Mrs Sarah Yardley, Mrs Whitney Davies (SENco), Mr Toby Swift

Teaching Staff:

Mrs Vicki Gardner, Mr Toby Swift, Mrs  Lex Lomas, Miss Bethany Cooper, Mrs Whitney Davies, Mrs Sally Youd, Mrs Liz Murdoch, Mrs AnneMarie Jones, Mrs Sarah Yardley

Nursery Staff

Mrs Kirsty Collins, Mrs Sharon Purshouse & Miss Louise Purshouse

Support Staff

Administration: Mrs Rebecca Male & Mrs Clare Mahon

Senior Midday Supervisor: Mrs Debbie Vale

Caretaker: Mr Steve Barker

Janitor: Mrs Ann Hill

Catering Team: County Caterers

Cleaning Team: County Cleaning


Lakeside Community Primary School  & Nursery accepts pupils aged from 3 to 11 years.

The standard number admitted in each year group is 30.

In the event of over subscription, Staffordshire guidelines will be used to decide on the offer of places.

Lakeside Community Primary School accepts pupils from outside the immediate area, provided places are available.

Parents are asked to register their child as soon as possible.  Admission for a place in our Reception classes must be made to Staffordshire Admissions Office on 01785 278716.

To seek a place in Years 1 to 6, parents are asked to contact our Administration team on 01827 213990.

The Headteacher (Mr Neil Probert) will be delighted to meet prospective parents and to make arrangements for visits at mutually suitable times.

School Organisation and Resources

Currently, our school is organised into 7 classes.

In addition to class teachers, we have support staff, including teaching assistants, clerical staff, cleaning staff, catering staff and a team of Midday Supervisors.

We have a very large campus, with playgrounds and fields.  Our classrooms are spacious and are well equipped.  Our hall is used for Physical Education, Assemblies, Drama and Music and during lunchtimes.

We have an excellent computer suite with internet access.  All classrooms have additional networked computers, access to lap tops, digital projectors linked to PCs and interactive white boards.  We have excellent learning resources.

Our library is well used and children enjoy the wide range of books available.        

Teaching and Learning

Learning is the most important activity at Lakeside Primary School.

Children are taught all the subjects of the Early Years and National Curriculum.


Core Subjects

Foundation Subjects

Other subjects

·       English

·       Mathematics

·       Science

·       Information &




·       History

·       Geography

·       Art

·       Music

·       Physical Education

·       Design & Technology

·       Modern Foreign
        Languages (KS2)

·       Religious Education

·       Personal, Social and
        Health Education

·       Citizenship

·       Spanish & Other




Pupils in Reception Class will follow the Early Years Curriculum which includes:-

  • Social & Emotional development
  • Communication, Language & Literacy
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the World
  • Creative development
  • Physical development

Learning takes place in a variety of settings – class activities, group work, practical and quiet learning, and is matched to your child’s personal needs and abilities.  Children will work in different groups at times.

Some subject areas are taught through thematic skills/projects.

Lakeside Community Primary School provides a caring, well-structured learning environment and promotes high standards of personal academic attainment for all.

We expect all pupils to work hard and to display high standards of behaviour. Lakeside School is dedicated to learning and everyone is expected to do their best at all times.

During each year, your child will receive a broad and balanced curriculum taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers, teaching assistants and voluntary helpers.  Teachers receive 10% statutory preparation, planning and assessment time (PPA) when classes will be taught by part-time teachers under the direction of class teachers. Trainee teachers from local Universities teach under the supervision of class teachers and mentors.

We want our children to learn and achieve high standards.  We are constantly working to improve the curriculum and learning environment for all pupils. 


Home learning is an essential aspect of making good progress.  Parents are expected to support their child’s learning at home.  Home learning tasks include Reading, Literacy, Mathematics, Research and practical tasks.  It is essential that your child reads every night with an adult for pleasure. Joining your local library is a great way to help your child experience the enjoyment of reading.

Special Educational Needs / Learning Support

Please let us know if your child has any problems which may affect his/her learning, e.g. speech, eyesight, hearing, medical conditions, physical needs, social concerns.

If your child is finding learning more difficult than his/her peers, we will contact you to discuss how he/she can be helped to improve.

Our Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) is Mrs Whitney Davies

If necessary, your child’s name will be added to the Learning Support/Needs register.  This will ensure your child receives appropriate help through School Action or through work with other support agencies.  Your support in this process is essential and we will contact you regularly to let you know about your child’s progress.

Lakeside Community Primary School caters for pupils of all abilities in mixed ability classes.  We use the expertise of the Staffordshire Support Teams and other specialists to meet the needs of children with additional learning needs.  We can also refer children/families to our Family Support Services and provide details of how parents can access help for home support, in full confidence.

You are always welcome to discuss your child’s progress with staff.  An appointment helps to ensure adequate time is available for you and the teacher.

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence and support for all pupils.

Every Child Matters at Lakeside

More Able Pupils

If your child finds learning easier than peers or has a particular talent, we will do all we can to  use  more challenging tasks in order to help him/her achieve his/her full potential.  We want every child to be the very best they can in academic subjects, sports and the arts.  We are working in partnership with local schools and master classes are arranged for smaller groups.

The Arts

Through Music, Art, Design, and Drama, we will encourage your child to discover and enjoy using his/her talent and imagination.  Through the arts we aim to develop co-operation, self-expression, self-esteem, social skills and enjoyment. 

Children in Year 4 will have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument as part of the K2M project.  It is hoped that they will continue to play instruments through individual / group lessons in Upper school, which will be charged for.

We try to ensure that all the children experience live drama and music concerts every year. We also go on Educational Visits to places of interest.  Charges are made to cover the costs.


We have a well-equipped hall/gymnasium, 2 large playgrounds and extensive fields.  Through sport we aim to develop physical skills, in addition to co-operation, teamwork, social skills and self-esteem. Children will be introduced to swimming and water safety in Key Stage 2. Unfortunately, we may have to make a charge to cover transport and insurance costs.  Sporting activities are also available through extra curriculum clubs. Physical Education is a compulsory part of the curriculum.  All children should participate in all P.E. lessons.

Extra curriculum activities are also provided and, when necessary, charges are made to cover costs of coaching staff and materials.

Enrichment Activities

At Lakeside, we believe in the richness of learning.  We provide activities to enrich the normal curriculum, including performances and theme days.  We also invite theatre groups, artists and members of the local community into school.  (We may ask for a voluntary contribution from parents to help cover costs.)

Healthy Schools

We encourage pupils to be healthy through physical exercise, healthy eating and life styles.  We encourage all pupils to adopt healthy lifestyles and we work with the County Caterers to ensure national food standards are achieved.

Fruit is available for Reception & KS1 children.

Assessment and Targets

Assessment is a tool by which we measure how much your child has learnt. It includes marking, observations tests, tasks and Statutory Assessment.  We believe that by assessing children,  using a variety of measures, we can review their progress and plan the next steps of learning effectively, so that your child will achieve his/her full potential. Each term, Senior Staff hold Pupil progress meetings evaluate the effectiveness of learning with class teachers.

We set targets for the children.  Short term targets show the children what they have to do to improve. This will be shared with the child in a way that is appropriate to his/her age and ability. Statutory targets are set by teachers and Governors for the end of each

Key Stage and individual targets for the end of each academic year.  Whilst these targets are challenging and enable us to aim high, the overriding principle is always to enable your child to learn as effectively as possible.  We share information about assessment at Parents’ Evenings each term.

It is vital that all parents attend Parents’ Evenings in order to discuss their child’s progress with staff.

A very thorough programme of visits and meetings help Y6 pupils and their families transfer to local schools. We will do all we can to help the children to make a very confident and happy start to their Secondary School.

Everyone who works at Lakeside Primary School is committed to the care of your child.

Children are treated with respect and valued for their uniqueness. Everybody in our school adheres to the 5 golden rules. Class teachers have a specific responsibility for pastoral care.  Support staff give additional care and attention to your child by working with them in class and in small groups. 

Our Caretaking and Cleaning team keep our school clean and safe.

Our Catering team provide healthy meals and snacks for your child.

The Clerical team ensures that the administration systems necessary for the functioning of the school are achieved to a high standard.  They are always available to help parents.

The Headteacher and Governors are committed to ensuring that the very highest standards of education are provided for your child.

Care and Safeguarding Children

Under the Education Act 2002 (section 175), schools must make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.  Parent/carers should know that the law (Children Act 1989) requires all school staff to pass on information which gives rise to a concern about a child’s welfare, including risk from neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse.  The staff will, in general, discuss any concerns with the parent/carer, and where possible, seek their consent to a referral to children’s team / agencies.  However, this will be done only when such discussion does not place the child at increased risk of significant harm. Schools will seek advice when they have reasonable cause to suspect a child may be suffering or likely to suffer significant harm.  Occasionally, concerns are passed on which are later shown to be unfounded.  Parents/carers will appreciate that the designated person for child protection was carrying out their responsibilities in accordance with the law and acting in the best interest of all children.

All staff and volunteers are required to have DBS checks before working with our pupils.

The school will take appropriate disciplinary action when pupils/adults endanger the safety of others or breech school policies.

Parents are asked to share any worries or concerns they have about any aspect of their child’s development or education with school.

An appointment is not always needed.

Visitors to School

All visitors to school are required to sign in at the office and to wear a visitor’s badge. 

It is essential that all visitors, including parents, come into school via the Main Door­. This will ensure that we know who is in the building.

Parents are not allowed to go to classrooms/cloakrooms without the permission of a member of staff.

School Car Park

Keeping our children safe at all times is one of our main priorities, so the school’s car park is for the exclusive use of school employees and other authorised staff only.  Should you come to school in a vehicle, we would ask that you park safely and courteously on the roads outside the school premises.  Please contact the school office if you would like to request permission to use the car park for any reason.  The office staff will be able to register your vehicle details.  If permission is granted, there is strictly no access to and from the car park between 8.30 am-9.00 am and 3.00 pm -3.30 pm.  Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe at Lakeside.

Assemblies include whole school, key stage, and class/celebration gatherings.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from assemblies on religious grounds.  Visitors including religious leaders, community workers and emergency services visit our assemblies periodically.

Please see the Headteacher if you wish to withdraw your child, so that we can make appropriate arrangements for his/her supervision.
Regular celebration assemblies take place and parents are warmly welcomed to these events.


If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of school, please speak to your child’s teacher.  If there is still a concern, please speak to the Headteacher.  If you are still not satisfied, you should write to the Chair of Governors c/o school.  Mercia Primary Academy Trust complaints procedure is used to dealing with any problems or complaints that cannot be reconciled at school level.

Accidents and First Aid

All staff are required to administer basic First Aid in the event of minor accidents. Many of our staff have First Aid qualifications.

In the event of a more serious accident, parents will be contacted.  If hospital treatment is required and parents cannot be contacted, a member of staff will accompany your child to hospital in order that he/she may receive the necessary treatment.  Please let us know about any medical conditions/allergies which affect your child.



We expect the highest standards of behaviour from all who work, learn and visit Lakeside Community Primary School.


Bullying in any form (verbal, fighting, acts of unkindness) is not tolerated and all members of the school work hard to ensure our school is a happy and caring community. Parents are asked to inform school immediately of bullying incidents so that appropriate action may be taken.

We also take very seriously incidents of cyber bullying and do not allow mobile phones in school without the permission of the Headteacher.

Racism, vandalism, abusive and antisocial behaviour are not acceptable at Lakeside Community Primary School and everyone works actively to stamp out any practice that may occur.

We reward pupils who behave well through praise and rewards.  Good behaviour is the accepted norm at Lakeside Community Primary School and we use a traffic light behavioural system to promote good behaviour and our pupils follow the ‘5 Golden Rules’.

In cases of unacceptable behaviour, a variety of strategies will be used.  These include talking with the child, time out, referral to a senior teacher or the Headteacher, staying in at playtimes/lunchtimes. 

Children who display poor behaviour may be excluded from activities, e.g. playtimes, trips, representing school teams.

Parents will be informed of persistent problems and the action taken by school.  Parents will also be informed by class teachers of concerns that are affecting learning.

Where these strategies are not sufficient, parents will be asked to meet with the Headteacher.  If behaviour continues to fail to meet acceptable standards or presents dangers to others, exclusion measures may be taken.  On the rare occasion where a child’s behaviour presents a danger to themselves or others, appropriate restraint strategies may be used, in accordance with LA guidelines.

Our children are extremely well behaved and we are very proud of them.

Online Safety

Our ICT resources are monitored by the Staffordshire ICT filter service.  Access to internet sites is restricted.  We take very seriously our duty to ensure children use ICT and the internet responsibly and know how to keep safe.  Any misuse of ICT resources/services could lead to disciplinary action.  We do not tolerate cyber bullying in any form.  All children are asked to report any concerning contents to their teachers.  Mobile phones are not allowed in school except with Headteachers permission, they must be locked in the office during the school day.  Parents can access the School Learning Platform and our website and log-ins are available from class teachers.

Parents Behaviour

We expect parents to treat our pupils, other parents and staff with respect.  Rudeness or aggressive behaviour from parents will not be accepted and, if necessary, they will be banned from School Property.  Parents are not allowed to interfere in any way with other pupils.  If there are problems with another child, please inform us so that we can sort things out.

The School Day

School starts at 8:55 am and ends at 3:15 pm.

Parents are asked to ensure that the children do not arrive at school before 8.45 am, as adult supervision is not available before this time.  Children may go to classes at 8.45 am to ensure they are ready for the start of learning at 8.55 am. Parents are asked not to come into cloakrooms due to limited space and the safety of all pupils.

Nursery will be open Monday-Friday we run two sessions daily 8.30 am-11.30 am & 8.30 am-3.00 pm.

Lateness is unacceptable
Please ensure your child arrives at school between 8.45 am and 8.55 am.

Lateness is recorded and monitored.  Parents are required to sign the late register.  If parents do not get their child to school on time regularly, a referral to the Educational Welfare team will be made.

Please contact the Headteacher if you require special arrangements to be made for your child at the start or end of the day.  During the day your child will have morning breaks and lunchtime of one hour.  During wet/cold weather, the children spend break times inside school, supervised by staff. For children in the Nursery a fee of £4 per 15 minutes of lateness will be charged if children are not collected by 3.15 pm.

Going Home

Please ensure your child knows who they are going home with at the end of the day.  Parents are asked to let us know about any adults who are restricted by law from collecting the children from school.   Please inform us by 2:00 pm of any changes to going home arrangements.  Late phone calls may not get to your child’s teacher if the office is unmanned. 


It is essential that your child attends school every day.

If your child is ill, please telephone (01827 213990) and let us know before 9:00 am on each day of absence.  If we do not receive a message, Mrs Male will text / call you to make sure your child is safe at home. If no reason for absence is given a letter will be sent home.

The Educational Welfare Officer regularly visits school to check on attendance and will follow up all concerns and any absences that are unaccounted for.  Failure to send your child to school may result in legal proceedings.

If possible, medical and dental appointments should be made out of school hours, but we appreciate that this is not always possible.

Absence below 90% will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer.  Attendance marks are given for being in school.  Medical appointments, illness and holidays are recorded as absences.   We reward high attendance with an extra 5 minutes playtime to the class with the highest attendance over the week.

Holiday Leave

On 1st January 2018 a significant alteration in the law came into effect which changed the grounds on which a Headteacher could allow a pupil to be absent during term time. 

Therefore, leave of absence can now only be granted if the Headteacher considers there are ‘exceptional circumstances’ relating to the application, which must be made in writing (forms are available from the School Office).

Leave of absence due to urgent and unavoidable circumstances, such as a family bereavement, would be considered exceptional.

However, days out, birthday celebrations or holidays during term time for financial or personal preference reasons, are not considered to be ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Attendance and punctuality are monitored regularly.  Unauthorised leave is recorded.  The school will write to parents if there are concerns.  Copies of letters will also be sent to the Educational Social Worker and remain on file.

If attendance is unsatisfactory, parents may be required to provide evidence to support absence due to illness.  Unsatisfactory attendance and punctuality will be referred to the Education Social Worker and absence penalty notices, fines or prosecution may occur.


Children should not attend school if they are unwell.

Please allow 48 hours after a stomach/sickness infection has cleared up, as infection can spread rapidly to others.

Please let us know if your child has an infectious illness.

We have some pupils who are particularly vulnerable to infection and their parents need to know about illnesses they may come in contact with.

If your child has head lice, please let us know so that we can inform other families.


If your child needs medicine for a long-term condition during the day, please contact the school. Inhalers/Epi pens are accessible to the children under the supervision of staff.  They must be named and parents should ensure they are in date and available for school use.  If your child requires medicine during the day, you can come into school to administer it. Please ensure we are kept up to date with your child’s condition by informing the office, staff and class teacher.  If you have any concerns, please speak to your child’s teacher.

Staff will only administer medicine  that have been prescribed by a Doctor or Hospital with the name of the recipient on the medication. It must be signed in/out of school daily and a medical form completed at the school office. Parents/Carers are more than welcome to come into school to administer medication.

School Medical Services

Our school nurse is available on 01283 504426. She is available to advise you on any aspect of your child’s Health and Development and welcomes all contact with parents.  Routine Medical checks take place throughout your child’s primary years.

Speech & Language therapists, physiotherapists, and other professionals also visit school in connection with your child’s health and development.


Please ensure your child’s sight is checked periodically and let us know if he/she has to wear glasses.

Charges and Remissions Policy

Voluntary Contributions - The school will seek contributions from parents for aspects of children's education which may take place outside the school precincts or when artists are working in school and there is a cost.  There is no limit to the level of voluntary contribution, neither is there an obligation on parents to pay.  We keep costs as low as possible.  However, it must be understood that without such contributions, planned activities may be cancelled if costs cannot be covered.

Where parents have financial difficulties, the school may operate a confidential Remissions Policy.  Please contact the office or Headteacher if you wish to discuss this in confidence.

Breakages and Fines

In circumstances where a child's behaviour results in the defacement, damage or loss of school property or the property of other children, the school reserves the right to seek compensation from the parents for the value of the item or repair costs.

Educational Visits

We arrange visits to increase learning opportunities for your child.  Some visits extend beyond the normal school day.  Parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution to cover costs.  If the cost of a visit cannot be covered, it will be cancelled.

Money Difficulties

If parents have difficulty in making voluntary contributions, they are asked to speak in confidence to Mr Probert.  We do not want any child to miss out on activities through financial hardship and will actively seek other sources of funding, where appropriate.

Data Protection

Basic information that you provide at the time of admission is held on the administration computer, you are asked to check this information annually. Please make sure we always have an up to date telephone number in case we need to contact you.

You are invited to check school data at any time, but please telephone first, so that we can arrange a print out for you.

01827 213990

School Meals

County Caterers serve an excellent choice of home cooked hot and cold meals daily. Children are able to choose a well-balanced menu.  Children are encouraged to eat healthily. 

Children in Key Stage 1 (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) are still currently entitled to a free, school meal. 

Children in other year groups can book can pay for their meals daily. Alternatively, children can bring a packed lunch if they wish.

Please let us know if your child has an allergy/food intolerance.  Our cook will be delighted to meet parents to work out suitable menus. We do not offer meals for children in the Nursery you are required to provide a healthy packed lunch for your child.

Children are expected to have good table manners!

Midday Supervisors assist children in the dining halls.  We aim to make lunchtime a happy and relaxing part of the day for the children.

Parents are invited to join their children for family lunches each term.

Free School Meals

If you are in receipt of certain allowances, your child may be eligible for free school meal entitlements.  Please ask at the office for confidential advice.  Our office staff will be delighted to explain the system to you.

We strongly urge all parents who are eligible for free school meals to register, even if their child has sandwiches or is in Key Stage 1 and is currently entitled to a free meal.  Free school meals pupils enable school to access additional funding for resources.

Free Fruit

Children in Reception, Years 1 and 2 receive a piece of fruit each day under the Government Healthy Eating Scheme.  There is no need for additional tuck at playtime.

Packed Lunches

As a healthy school, we encourage parents to send healthy packed lunches, fruit, salad etc. Chocolates, sweets and crisps should be limited.

Break Time Snacks

Children may bring in a healthy snack for morning break time, such as a piece of fruit or a cereal bar.  Crisps, chocolate and fizzy pop / energy drinks are not discouraged.

We encourage all pupils to regularly drink water throughout the day.  Children may have a bottle of water in class to drink in lesson times. 

New Parents / Prospective Parents

The Headteacher extends a warm welcome to all new parents and prospective parents.  She invites them to meet her and make an appointment to visit the school.

Starting School

For children joining our Reception classes in September, there are opportunities to visit Lakeside during the summer term.  Parents are invited to meetings with staff.  The children have their own programme based on ‘Story Time’ afternoons.  We work closely with Pre School Providers to ensure a happy and successful start to your child’s school days.  Staff also do home visits to meet children.

In order to give every child lots of individual attention and support when they start Lakeside School, Reception children will attend part time to begin with. Pupils joining our school in other year groups will be well supported and helped to settle in quickly and happily. 

Lakeside Community Primary School aims to develop a close partnership with all parents / carers in order to work together for your child’s future.

You are welcome to ring us at any time if you are concerned about your child.

There are many ways that Parents and School can work together.





  • Parents Evenings – held once a term to provide an opportunity to talk with the teacher about your child’s progress and targets.  An appointment system is used.
  • Curriculum Meetings – these offer a chance for you to find out about the work your child does at school.
  • Open Days – come and see us at work!
  • Assemblies – join us to celebrate!
  • Concerts - celebrate your child’s success in Music and Drama.
  • Sports Days- come and join in the fun of competitive and non competitive sports.
  • FOLs – join us in events that raise money for our children.
  • ME to YOU notes – please keep us informed of any information that may help us.
  • Homework diaries are also used for notes to/from parents.
  • Parent meetings and events.





  • Lakeside Newsletter – regular update of news and events.
  • Letters –“pupil post” letters relating to important information.
  • Annual Report informing you of your child’s progress in all aspects of the school curriculum.
  • Telephone calls when necessary

      (Please make sure we always have     

       an up to date contact number).

  • At the end of the day – staff are available most evenings.
  • Text – emergency messages, including school closure.


You can help us by

Ø  Being positive and supportive about our school.

Ø  Letting us know if you or your child have any worries or concerns.

Ø  Responding to all letters and surveys.

Ø  Becoming a volunteer in school.

Please share any concerns or worries you have with our staff. We will listen and ensure problems are sorted out quickly.

Secondary Transfer

Pupils transferring to local secondary schools participate in a wide range of activities during their final years at Lakeside.  Parents are responsible for ensuring applications are made for a secondary place at the school of their choice.

Parents Welcome!

Whether it is for a formal occasion or an informal chat to a member of staff, we warmly welcome parents, families and friends.  Parents and carers are encouraged to collect the children from the playgrounds, away from the gate and busy road.  Staff are usually available before and after school, but please note that during the school day our priority is always the children.  Mr Probert is often available without making an appointment.  Please ask at the office if you wish to see her.

Parent Helpers

Parents are invited to help with practical tasks - running the library, practicing reading with children, helping to prepare and maintain resources, etc.  We encourage all parents and grandparents to help with gardening, decorating etc.  Please let us know what talents and skills you have.  In order to keep our children safe, a Police Check will be necessary before you work with children.  

Come and see us!

If you wish to see a member of staff or the Headteacher, please ask at the office.  Whenever possible, we will see you immediately.  However, if we can’t see you immediately, we will telephone to make an appointment at a time that suits.


Our school has a strong Governing Body.  They are welcome visitors to our school and represent all members of the school and local community.  If you want to become a governor or want to know more about this work, contact the school or see our information board.


It is the policy of Lakeside School that all pupils wear school uniform:

  • Grey / Black trousers (Not denim)
  • White polo shirt (With school badge or plain)
  • Red round neck sweat shirt (With school badge or plain – no logos please) or V-neck cardigan.
  • Grey skirt or pinafore or gingham summer dress.
  • Plain black Shoes (Not trainers)

Uniform with the Lakeside Swan logo is available from S.K School Uniforms 44-46 Chartwell, Riverside, Tamworth, and online through Myclothing  Plain uniform is also available from local supermarkets and other clothes shops. We have a supply of second hand uniform available in the foyer of school please help yourself or ask  the office staff .


Children do indoor PE in bare feet.  If your child has a medical condition, black lightweight pumps may be worn.

  • White T-shirt (round neck, short sleeved)
  • Black shorts
  • Trainers/pumps (for outdoor PE)
  • Warm track-suit for outdoor winter use

PE kit should be brought to school on Mondays and taken home on Fridays for washing.  PE Kit bags (drawstring small bags) are available to buy from local shops and should be named.

Nursery children will not take part in PE so a kit is not required.

From time to time other clothing may be required, e.g. old clothes for gardening work /costumes for theme days, etc.


Jewellery must not be worn to school.  Small stud ear-rings are allowed but they must be removed for PE and swimming lessons. 

Staff are not allowed to remove earrings.

Body piercings are not allowed for health & safety reasons.


We encourage home reading  & reading bags will be issued when your child starts taking books home.

If you have any questions or wish to arrange a visit to Lakeside School, please contact us on 01827 213990





Lakeside Primary School              

Tel 01827 213990                                               



Chair of Governors                      

Mr Neil Rose -                                                     

C/O School



Mr Neil Probert                                                    

Tel 01827 213990                                 


Deputy Head                                

Miss Vicki Smith                                                  

Tel 01827 213990                                    

Emergency School Closures

The following information regarding school closures can also be found on and by clicking the ‘Emergency School Closure’ link.

If we have to close school we will inform local radio stations as soon as possible and text parents / carers.  We always try to stay open but if snow is affecting traffic, many of the staff may not be able to get to school. If we cannot provide services such as heating or water or we cannot ensure that the school is adequately staffed to provide for the safety of all pupils we will close.

Teachers2Parents Text Service

We now provide a text service which allows us to keep in touch with all our parents through a text service; we will send any emergency messages through this service.              

Radio Stations

Your local stations include: BRMB 96.4FM & Capital Gold 1152 AM: Heart FM 100.7 FM: Touch Radio 102.0: FM Radio WM 95.6 FM

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