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Vision and Ethos

The aim of Mercia Primary Academy Trust (MPAT) is to ensure everyone is valued and shares responsibility for the challenging learning that take place.

At Lakeside Primary School we promote the ethos of 'Learning Together, Success Forever' which sits inside the further vision of MPAT.

Our approach is based on a fundamental belief that all young people have talent and the potential to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Our vision consists of three principal areas:


We believe that the academic standards of our pupils and the outstanding progress that they make while members of Lakeside are fundamental corner stones for success in their future life. Acquiring lifelong skills and a broad knowledge of all subjects is our ambition as professionals and will enable all children the opportunity to become happy well rounded and resilient individuals.


All staff at Lakeside foster deep and meaningful relationships with our pupils which builds trust and a strong work ethic in our children. Relationships are built on mutual respect between our young learners and all members of the school community. Staff ensure that learning is fun in a  responsible and caring environment where pupils feel comfortable and safe. This allows them to develop their 'Growth Mindset' and resilience.


We celebrate all success that learners at Lakeside have, noting achievements pupils can be proud of every day within and outside our school’s planned curriculum. As educators we have a vital role in ensuring individuals develop their own talents and interests and have a responsibility to instil in them a sense of pride in who they are and what they achieve. All members of the Lakeside school community see themselves as learners and continually strive to be and do better. The school promotes Mutual respect for all and the importance of working together to enhance professional learning and practice. A collaborative approach between school, pupils and parents helps to develop a sense of team across the Lakeside community.